PE Weekly News Letter W/B 14th January 2019

Week Commencing 14th January


Monday 14th                       8-8.45am Year 3 and 4 Football

                                              Year 3 and 4 PE Lessons

                                               3.20-4.20pm Year 1 and 2 Football                                          


Tuesday 15th                       8-8.45am KS 2 Fitness and multi-sport club

                                              Rec and Y 1 PE Lessons

                                              3.30-4.30pm KS 2 Gymnastic apparatus Club                                       


Wednesday 16th                8-8.45am Years 2, 3 and 4 Dodgeball Club

     Year 1 and 6 PE Lessons

     3.20-4.20pm Y2 and KS2 Dance Club       


Thursday 17th                     8-8.45am Y2 and KS 2 Running Club

                   Years 3, 5, 6 and 2 PE Lessons

                    3.20-4.20pm Y1 and 2 Fitness and multi-sport club


Friday 18th                           8-8.45am Y5 and 6 Dodgeball club

                   Years 2, Rec, and 5 PE Lessons

                   Year 5 Lacross taster session

                                              Year 4 Swimming Lesson

                                              3.20-4.20pm Y1 and 2 Gymnastics club


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