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Date: 8th Jan 2018 @ 5:08pm

Hey Year 6,

Well done for logging into our brand new website and finding the very first blog from St. Andrew's School. This is only a practise run to learn all about blogs and the rules you must follow when contributing.

My favourite part of the Y6 leavers assembly is when you share your memories with us. So here goes - share your funniest/happiest memories.....Happy Blogging smiley

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Molly A wrote:

Once, in year 5, my skirt fell down revealing my knickers in front of Mrs Dodsworth!

Harrison Wilkes wrote:

I don't remember this happening :)

Cameron Smith wrote:

I also don't remember this happening... XD

Alex Bootle wrote:


Cameron S wrote:

I remember when I was in reception and me and Tobias were on a row of seats together and he needed a rubber so he got out of his chair and went to get one, but instead of walking around all the chairs he walked right through all of the chairs in the middle and when he got in front of me he accidently stabbed me right through my pinkie finger! I have had scar on my finger ever since :D... from Cameron S

Tobias Coe wrote:

I remember that. I should've gone around the chairs instead of going straight through. If I would've been a bit more clever then you wouldn't have that scar.

Tobias C wrote:

In Year 3, me and Cameron were running to get our lunch and then I accidently tripped him over and he broke his leg. Oops!

Harley Shields wrote:

I remember when I was playing with my best friend and I fell into a gate!!

Thomas P wrote:

My memory is when I bit my lip

Molly F wrote:

When I was in Reception, I remember me and my BFF, Chelsea drawing and scribbling ALL over the pegs!

Jamie E wrote:

I remember in year 2 when I got told to not play tig but I carried on and smashed my eye open on the fort slide:)

Luca Marsh wrote:

yes I do remember this very well

Polly A wrote:

I remember in reception me and Isabel were playing and she, bent down and I bent over her. She brought her head up, and I bang my lip.

Esme B wrote:

I remember in year one, me and Polly got into an argument. I plugged my ears up. Later, the teacher started to talk. I didn't realise until I shouted ''BLA BLA BLA BLA!'' right down Polly's ear! Then, Mrs hunter looked at me like the world was about to end!!!! :)

Harley D wrote:

I remember in the infants me Joseph and Charlie tried to escape school by throwing a rope over the gate and climbing over!!

Jasmine G wrote:

In year 4,I was putting a laptop on the table after putting in a private password in, and Carson was really close and I didn't realise he was there and I knocked his tooth out.

Carson B wrote:

Once, in year 4 Jasmine would not let me look at a password and lifted the computer up and my tooth and fell out.

Isabel W wrote:

Once in reception, me, Lucy-Lou and Isla were playing duck duck goose and when Lucy-Lou chose me I started jumping and my pinafore fell down.

Luca M wrote:

I remember in year 3 when me and Jamie got sent out of the room for saying our mums were rainbowsheep. :)

Harrison L wrote:

I remember in yr1 when I escaped school and slid under the imfant gates

Toby W wrote:

Once in Reception, I remember seeing poop on the toilet walls, so I went in the classroom and shouted, "There's POOPY on the wall!"

Zara M wrote:

Once,my friends and I were on the trim trail and we were having a race on who could get at the end of the trim trail first and I was about to win when I slipped and fell on the ground and Jasmine and Emma came to my rescue and took my shoes!!(thanks a lot Jasmine and Emma :D )

Harrison W wrote:

I was impressing this girl in year two called Lucy and I did the moon walk and broke into the splits [well kind of] and split my pants and boxers

Corbyn B wrote:

I remember in year 1 me and Harrison went under the gate but i couldn't fit but Harrison nearly got stuck half way under the gate.

Niyan P wrote:

I remember in year 1 Oskar and Toby ate over 20 bananas.

Joseph C wrote:

In reception Santa came, I was so excited that I peed my pants

Rebecca M wrote:

I remember when Hannah said don't move to me and Hannah G and she was at the door watching us if we were going to move and we did and then she came in and she was not happy and it was very funny I will never forget it.

Charlie H wrote:

I remember in year 6 I tried to trip over Harrison w but I failed and I went on the ground

Hannah G wrote:

I remember when me, Rebecca and Hannah P sat together for lunch and before she left Hannah said don't move. Me and Rebecca moved. She came back and shouted at us

Emma K wrote:

I remember in Year 5 when me, Hannah and Jasmine where playing on the four way shooter. We decided to use a beanbag because there was no basketballs. It was Jasmines turn to throw and when she did the beanbag got stuck. So me and Jasmine gave Hannah a boast up. After she got it we thought it was so fun we decided to do it again.

Comrie S wrote:

Once in Year 5, I was running past the goalpost, looked back and ran straight into the goalpost. ;]

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